Jason Naradowsky



I'm currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Cambridge working with Anna Korhonen on the LEXICAL project. Previously I was sr. research associate at University College london, working with Sebastian Riedel in the Machine Reading lab, and completed my PhD in Computer Science at UMass Amherst with David Smith and Mark Johnson.

My research interests are primarily:

I also try to maintain EQA, a website made for a targetted workshop on exam question answering, but which contains results, publications, and data sets for the recent surge in machine reading QA data sets in an easy-to-digest format.

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My Erdős–Bacon number is arguably no greater than 8.


Wolfe is a probabilistic programming language that enables practitioners to develop machine learning models in a declarative manner. Wolfe models are written in Scala and compiled by Wolfe into highly-optimized inference and learning routines (using Scala's own abstract syntax trees!), enabling researchers to focus on modelling while Wolfe does the heavy lifting. It currently features matrix factorization, message passing, and alternating directions dual decomposition, can perform many structured prediction tasks, visualize inference in factor graphs, and more.

Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK):
The Natural Language Toolkit is a collection of open source Python modules that can be used freely for research or pedagogical purposes. There's also a book documenting how to use the NTLK which doubles as an introductory computational linguistics coursebook. For the summer of 2008 I worked on the NLTK while sponsored under the Google Summer of Code program, during which time I implemented a suite of dependency parsers under the supervision of Sebastian Riedel and Jason Baldridge.

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Noise reduction and targeted exploration in imitation learning for Abstract Meaning Representation parsing
James Goodman, Andreas Vlachos and Jason Naradowsky
Proceedings of the 54th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics
[abstract] [paper] [bib]

UCL+Sheffield at SemEval-2016 Task 8: Imitation learning for AMR parsing with an α-bound
James Goodman, Andreas Vlachos and Jason Naradowsky
Proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation
[abstract] [paper] [bib]


Learning with Joint Inference and Latent Linguistic Structure in Graphical Models
Jason Naradowsky
Doctoral Dissertation, 2014
Supervisors: David Smith and Mark Johnson
[abstract] [paper] [bib]


Improving NLP through Marginalization of Hidden Syntactic Structure
Jason Naradowsky, Sebastian Riedel, and David Smith
EMNLP 2012
[abstract] [paper] [bib]

Grammarless Parsing for Joint Inference
Jason Naradowsky, Tim Vieira, and David Smith
[abstract] [paper] [bib]

Combinatorial Constraints for Constituency Parsing in Graphical Models
Jason Naradowsky, David Smith
Technical Report, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2012.


Unsupervised Bilingual Morpheme Segmentation and Alignment with
Context-rich Hidden Semi-Markov Models

Jason Naradowsky and Kristina Toutanova
ACL 2011
[abstract] [paper] [slides] [bib]

A Discriminative Model for Joint Morphological Disambiguation and Dependency Parsing
John Lee, Jason Naradowsky, and David Smith
ACL 2011
[abstract] [paper] [bib]

Feature Induction for Online Constraint-based Phonology Acquisition
Jason Naradowsky, Joe Pater, and David Smith
Synthesis Project, Presented at NECPHON 2011
[abstract] [paper] [bib]


Learning Hidden Metrical Structure with a Log-linear Model of Grammar
Jason Naradowsky, Joe Pater, David Smith, and Robert Staubs
Workshop on Computational Modelling of Sound Pattern Acquisition 2010


Polylingual Topic Models
David Mimno, Hanna Wallach, Jason Naradowsky, David Smith and Andrew McCallum
EMNLP 2009
[abstract] [paper] [bib]

Improving Morphology Induction by Learning Spelling Rules
Jason Naradowsky and Sharon Goldwater
IJCAI 2009
[abstract] [paper] [slides] [bib]

Polylingual Topic Models
David Mimno, Hanna Wallach, Limin Yao, Jason Naradowsky and Andrew McCallum
The Learning Workshop (Snowbird) 2009